Saving daylight, building sales

Chris Gaskell, senior director of channel and brand marketing, ACCO Brands Europe explains how daylight lamps can boost workplace health and wellbeing in the office - and provide dealers with a sales opportunity

The health and wellbeing of employees in the workplace is top of the agenda for forward thinking companies. ACCO Brands’ research indicates a high level of enthusiasm for health and wellbeing products in the workplace, with nearly half of office workers expressing an interest in products specifically aimed at improving it.1

Investment in workplace wellbeing has been shown to yield impressive returns for businesses. Comfortable, well-ventilated, well-lit and safe workspaces increase productivity by as much as 16% while reducing absenteeism. It is estimated that every £1 spent on improving workplace wellbeing represents between £3 and £6 in productivity and efficiency gains.2

Work brighter

There are numerous ergonomic and environmental factors to consider when businesses look to address the wellbeing of employees. Focussing on desktop and individual workspace solutions should feature as part of the overall approach.

The impact of good quality desk lighting in the office can be significant with numerous studies showing that daylight helps to improve a person’s mood, energy and alertness. This ultimately contributes to better productivity and output during the day.

Science of daylight

Under direct natural sunlight at noon on a clear day, the brain releases a hormone called serotonin. This hormone actively brightens the mood and increases powers of concentration, helping make a person feel more alert. It’s possible to measure the colour ‘temperature’ of daylight, meaning it can be artificially replicated. The colour temperature of daylight is 6,500 Kelvin and colour temperatures in this region have been shown to enhance concentration.

The relative brightness of light can also affect performance. Measured by luminous flux (lux), ordinary fluorescent tubes used in offices generally output 300 lux instead of the 450 lux recommended minimum. Poor quality lighting can lead to eye strain and headaches, so brightening up the working day with a sustained and constant daylight source (with a brightness setting of at least 450 lux) is an ideal solution.

Market opportunity

Daylight lamps now make it possible to offer a good quality lighting solution for individuals who spend many hours working at their desk. The desk light market is estimated to be worth more than €40m in Europe and is currently an underpenetrated market. With the right focus on the benefits of good quality lighting, it could grow significantly. Developments in LED technology have led to the design of versatile personal lighting solutions with much lower running costs than traditional lamps.

With its heritage and brand credentials, ACCO Brands is adding value and stimulating growth in the office and home office environment. Rexel ActiVita Daylight Lamps are the ideal desktop solution for increasing productivity, boosting energy levels and improving health and wellbeing.

To discover more about Rexel’s growing range of innovative ActiVita products, set to include air purification and noise reduction workplace solutions in 2017, please visit:

1. Comfort & Productivity Quant A&U Segmentation – ACCO Brands, 2015
2. Dame Carol Black, policy adviser on work and health to the UK government
3. Vitality Health survey for Britain’s Healthiest Company

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Posted by Austin Clark (95)

Written on 4th November 2016

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