University of St Andrews installs Epson 3LCD laser projector to enhance experiments (Case study)

The University of St Andrews, one of the UK’s leading universities, has installed an Epson EB-L1100U 3LCD laser projector, to enhance social and scientific experiments at its renowned School of Psychology and Neuroscience.

The installation of the projector in the University’s Clare Cassidy Social Immersion Laboratory will help create a more immersive experience for participants in social experiments, creating a more engaging environment for researchers to monitor responses to stimuli.

Research has shown that psychological studies are more powerful when participants view an experimental stimulus on a large screen rather than computer monitors. Installed at the University by AV experts Component AV, the Epson EB-L1100U’s high definition picture and ultra-short throw zero-offset lens creates a captivating viewing experience and has overcome environmental challenges. Participants can now stand and present very close to the screen without casting a shadow over the image, overcoming the challenges of building the “up close and personal” experience the researchers desired.

Dr Fergus Neville, one of the researchers working on the ground-breaking research projects utilising the new projector, commented, “The University is committed to producing world-leading research. Investing in technology is an important part of this commitment as it helps push the boundaries of what is possible through social research and deliver innovative projects.

“The Clare Cassidy Social Immersion Laboratory is designed to provide participants with an immersive experience of stimuli, but previously participants couldn’t get close to the screen without casting a shadow or seeing a pixelated image. Thanks to the EB-L1100U’s high-resolution and Epson’s new ultra-short throw lens, these issues have been resolved,” Fergus added. 

Neil Colquhoun, business director for Visual Instruments at Epson Europe comments, “Working with Component AV on the installation and helping the University of St Andrews to utilise technology for its research projects is incredibly rewarding, especially given the environmental challenges that needed to be overcome with this installation.

“This installation demonstrates the University’s commitment to using world-leading technology to produce the best possible educational and research results.”

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Posted by Austin Clark (95)

Written on 13th March 2017

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