Superstat announces conference keynote speaker

The keynote speaker at the Superstat Conference this year will be the renowned networking expert – Rob Brown.

Rob is a bestselling author of the book Build Your Reputation and global authority on building and leveraging powerful networks.

Founder of the Networking Coaching Academy, Rob demystifies the whole 'networking' process and helps leaders, politicians and entrepreneurs to become the stand out number one 'go to' choice for what they do. You can see Rob's Tedx talk, The Personal Brand of You here: 

Managing director at Superstat, Alex Dunn, commented: “I actually had the pleasure of attending one of Rob’s networking sessions earlier this year and it has made a big difference to how I approach networking opportunities.

“Having this new perspective helps put the experience into a business context, removing the self-awareness that can cause people to struggle in these types of situations. I see this as being an energetic and positive start to what is going to be a very busy day!”

For more information on the Superstat Conference in a Day, please visit

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Posted by Austin Clark (95)

Written on 19th May 2017

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