Blake opens third Hub of Excellence

As part of its overall growth strategy, Blake has been continuing to work on the development of ‘Hubs of Excellence’ in a number of tactical locations across the UK. The principal aim of the Hubs is to provide experts in the field of envelopes and postal packaging in key strategic areas across the country; Ensuring they are fully immersed and placed right where the ‘print and paper industry action’ is.

In the north of the country, Manchester and Leeds were highlighted as key strategic targets for launching the Hubs. The second of the ‘Hubs of Excellence’ was launched in Leeds, in January this year. Now, only a few months later, Blake has announced it will be opening its third ‘Hub of Excellence’ in Manchester.

The launch of the hub ties in with Blake now enlisting a number of staff members who previously worked within the Print-On sales team, who will be heading up the new hub.

Michael Barter, MD, said: “Expertise is the governing principal in setting up our ‘Hubs of Excellence’. Location is of course significant but without appointing real experts in the envelope field, equipped with the necessary knowledge to effectively assist our customers their success will be limited. We’re therefore delighted that our third hub has now been set up and welcome Caterina, Lorraine and Louise to the Blake team”.

“The new members of our team also bring with them essential knowledge of the print industry, crucial for our desired diversification into postal packaging. We all know that envelopes volumes are declining and have been for the last eight years so we need to be moving into different product sectors to maintain our growth and we see postal packaging as that area.”

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Posted by Austin Clark (95)

Written on 9th May 2017

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