Amazon enters B2B market

Amazon has launched a new website, AmazonSupply, to offer product solutions for business and industrial customers.

Customers can shop for items by product, material and brand across 14 categories, including ‘office’.

Besides offering a broad selection of products, over 500,000 in total, the company is promoting free shipping on eligible orders $50 or more, 365-day returns, corporate lines of credit, and a dedicated customer-service centre.

Prentis Wilson, vice president, AmazonSupply, said: "We're excited to offer a wide range of items, from basic supplies like drill bits and automatic hand dryers, to hard to find parts like laboratory centrifuges and miniature polyimide tubing, enabling business and industrial customers to streamline their buying processes.

"Low prices combined with fast, free shipping and a vast selection, make shopping on AmazonSupply a great experience for customers."

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Posted by Billy Taylor (100)

Written on 23rd April 2012

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