Nemo welcomes back Brighton-based George Rose

Member-owned dealer group Nemo is pleased to welcome back progressive Brighton-based dealership George Rose Office Products to the group.

The groups’ award-winning marketing was a key factor in the decision to join, with George Rose Sales Director Martin Gander stating, “their marketing has vastly improved since we were last a member, now offering a complete marketing tool kit for any sized dealer”.

“We are already taking several of their marketing tools, such as email marketing, ecommerce stores and their host of targeted publications and look forward to having our new corporate website delivered by Nemo with the more than capable resource they have.

“We’re very impressed with the flexibility and close working relationship Nemo have with manufacturers and suppliers, they have introduced us to a whole host of new products and markets already.”

Tim Beaumont, Nemo MD, commented: “George Rose rejoining is testament to the development Nemo havs made in the seven years since they left the group.

“The excellent services we offer at Nemo, from marketing through to fantastic purchasing contracts and wholesaler deals really give our members the complete solution, to help them grow their business, and take advantage of emerging opportunities.”

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Posted by Austin Clark (95)

Written on 4th August 2017

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