Office Club joins Telegraph Business Club

Watford based dealer group Office Club, this week launched a new online video with The Daily Telegraph’s Business Club – a site that provides articles, expert views and case studies to help businesses grow, with associated content regularly appearing in the national newspaper’s pages.

The seven-minute long video features Office Club dealers discussing how, as independent special suppliers of stationery and office products, they have come together as part of Office Club to give themselves greater strength and presence in the marketplace and maintain/increase market share.

Office Club MD Mark Austen, commented: “We live in a rapidly moving age where social media and business have come together to create a very powerful new way to communicate. The danger is that many businesses think that just by having the relevant social networking accounts people will come to them; but that is not strictly true.

“Yes, it will make them easy to find, but if there is no content associated with the social marketing it can be damaging – people want interaction and information from these sites; the internet has shifted from text to video, making businesses more personable.

“By creating this professionally produced video, with real life people and case studies, our Members are now armed with yet another advantage over their competitors, demonstrating how they are the number one choice, with a personalised level of service that larger organisations simply cannot match”

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Posted by George Carey (100)

Written on 27th April 2012

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