Panorama exposes school leasing scams

Aaron Wareham, director of NAPPS

Aaron Wareham, director of NAPPS

Following the Panorama programme highlighting the aggressive mis-selling of IT equipment to schools, The Nationwide Association of Photocopier and Print Suppliers (NAPPS) has urged reputable document management companies and channel resellers to help raise standards in the industry by joining the organisation and signing up to its Code of Practice.

The expose found that many schools have been left in financial difficulty after signing leases that left them paying up to 15 times the going rate for equipment including photocopiers and laptops.

NAPPS aims to bring positive ethical change and repair the reputation of the industry, and has attracted a number of industry leaders to pledge their support, including Xerox, Adobe, DocuWare and the BAPC.

Association director, Aaron Warham, said: “The mis-selling of photocopiers and printers to schools and other public sector organisations is unacceptable and must be dealt with.

“Last night’s Panorama programme reinforces the need to re-establish the credibility and reputation of the industry, and to create a community of suppliers with which consumers can have total peace of mind while working with them.

NAPPS has been working closely with the National Association of School Business Management (NASBM), to stop schools becoming victims and offer confidential advice on how to move forward.

Bill Simmonds, Chief Executive of NASBM, also highlighted the need for schools to choose accredited suppliers: “When seeking new agreements, we urge schools to take advice from as many sources as possible, including NASBM, to safeguard themselves from dealing with non-reputable suppliers.

“Schools should check whether suppliers are accredited by trade associations like NAPPS which, via its code of conduct, is working hard to raise standards among suppliers in the industry. This will help to protect schools and other organisations going forward.”

Aaron Warham continued “As the only independent trade body for the UK document management channel we aim to consign these practices to the past, and as certified companies following the NAPPS Code of Practice our members will become trusted, ethical suppliers throughout the UK.”

NAPPS provides a “pro-business” environment, where members, partners and affiliates are encouraged to openly discuss best practice, but never at the expense of the consumer. Every member of NAPPS has undergone a rigorous certified application process. Applicants must pass this process and agree to the Code of Practice before they can become members.

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Posted by George Carey (100)

Written on 26th September 2012

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