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With the past year of disruption surrounding COVID and multiple years of uncertainty surrounding Brexit too, it’s vital for suppliers, businesses, channels and economies to create opportunity and deliver positivity and
newness for UK customers

Data Direct is open for business. While the past year has seen some shift away from the core copier and print business towards PPE distribution, WFH (working from home) solutions and hugely relevant innovations,
including SmartMister, many more opportunities still present themselves in the UK market.

As a distribution partner to many hundreds of businesses in the UK, Data Direct offers it’s customers solutions over and above the core product ranges to help with their business model to becoming more cost-effective,
streamlined and efficient. Increasingly customers are looking for newness, relevancy and incremental products as market trends and consumption environments change. These are opportunities for brands, manufacturers,
suppliers and innovators that Data Direct can facilitate.

Commenting on Data Direct/Access UK, Peter Cowan, procurement director, said: “Through 2020, we opened up distribution and enabled the successful launch of multiple products in the UK. With procurement, selling and
marketing expertise, we offer businesses access to UK distribution to create opportunity for all. With Access UK specifically, we’re looking for new products / innovations to add to our product range – primarily aimed at
supporting the office equipment / IT channel, but also interested in more diverse (non-perishable) products. This strategy is aimed at enhancing the capabilities and scope of our existing dealer channel, while offering
greater and deeper engagement with our suppliers, both old and new.”

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