Advantia announces new Chairman

Advantia has announced that Mike Heaps, a long-serving member of the Board and Chairman of Premier Office Supplies, has taken on the role of Chairman of Advantia’s Board of Directors.

Bob Geens, former Chairman of the group, retired at the end of last year. Mike Heaps will bring experience, awareness, and knowledge of both working like and thinking like a dealer to the role. He is looking forward to sharing his perspective with the Advantia head office team and partners by providing invaluable advice and support.

Heaps said: “The biggest challenge for the group is to provide added value to the members. As a dealer you can’t just do office products. Dealers need new products and services to sell. Members are looking to the group to bring all the elements together so dealers can easily tap into new products and markets. Advantia’s business model and the new added value initiatives that are in the mix put us in a great place and working with the Board and Steve Harrop, I will help the head office team deliver.”

Steve Harrop, Advantia’s CEO, said: “It’s terrific that Mike Heaps has taken on the role of chairman for Advantia. We’re at the start of something new, exciting, and definitely a step forward for both the group and members. Mike will bring a down-to-earth but knowledgeable open-minded view. I’m excited to be working alongside Mike, the Board, and the rest of the Advantia team and with his guaranteed encouragement and enthusiasm, we’ll drive the business model forward because he really gets it.”

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