Advantia announces partnership with Kays Medical

Advantia has entered into a partnership with Kays Medical giving its members the opportunity to sell over 3,000 first aid, medical, biohazard and travel products plus training courses in first aid, defibrillators and biohazard, backed with marketing collateral, sales support and training.
This partnership gives Advantia members much more than a source of first aid products and courses. This is a unique opportunity for them to prospect and win new business within their existing customer base and in markets that they won’t have previously had the right products for or the breadth and depth of range. For example members can now sell to care homes, GP surgeries, organisations with outdoor workers, retail, leisure, travel, schools and universities. Members can also offer the 10 standard training courses that Kays Medical deliver all over the country ranging from first aid to biohazards and defibrillation to mental health first aid. Bespoke courses designed specifically for the needs of members’ end users are also available.
Advantia members have recently received a supply of a 176-page printed catalogue, low res pdf version and a bespoke pricelist. They also have access to their cost and retail prices via an online portal. This enables members to go to market immediately while Advantia and Kays Medical work together to get these thousands of products migrated on to Advantia’s Merlin Marketplace e-commerce platform.
“If you are serious about diversifying into new product sectors and markets you have to choose the right partner with the right product range and support for our members,” said Advantia’s marketing and operations director, Beck Miller (pictured). “That’s why we have chosen Kays Medical as our partner for occupational health, medical and first aid products and first aid courses.
“The opportunity to sell these products into new and existing accounts is significant. Every first-aid kit should have a body fluid kit sold along-side it, if someone has been sick or bleeding the mess can be safely cleaned up and the spread of blood borne diseases avoided. Organisations who have outdoor workers need to provide appropriate protection such as insect repellents and sun cream.”
David King, Business Development Director at Kays Medical, commented: “Advantia is a highly credible organisation. Some of our products are quite specialist but we believe that with the correct support and training Advantia members will sell them successfully. This will help us to grow and distribute our products into businesses that Kays would never normally target or see. We definitely see this as a serious long-term partnership and will be putting the investment in to make this a very successful win:win for us and Advantia members.”
Kays Medical will be providing training for Advantia members individually at the members’ sites and accompanying them to customer appointments.
David King concluded: “One Advantia dealer has sold three defibrillators by using a ‘key points’ document we provided him with and another has quoted a GP surgery group with seven practices and we were able to match 95% of the products supplied by the NHS with excellent prices. Our product range opens the doors for Advantia members to increase their dealings with procurement departments and extend into health & safety, occupational health and medical practitioners.”
The potential for Advantia members to increase sales in this previously mostly untapped product sector is significant and is part of Advantia’s strategy to enable their members to diversify and become much less reliant on sales of traditional office products.

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