Antalis advises: "Be brave!"

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With the paper industry facing a ‘perfect storm’ of challenges resulting in recent price rises, Antalis is advising resellers to be brave when it comes to educating end customers about the added value of premium papers. Amid a sustained increase in the cost of pulp due to rising demand across China and Europe, Antalis is urging dealers not to despair at the knock-on effect this has had on the price of paper, adding a pragmatic approach is key to boosting profits.

Tim Percival, divisional director at Antalis Office, says: “Our advice to dealers is clear: Be brave! While it’s important to be transparent about price pressures, dealers should also avoid a ‘race to the bottom’ when it comes to paper quality. Instead, the focus should to be on advising customers about how the vast assortment of products available can best meet their needs.

This starts with educating customers as to why the cheapest option is not necessarily the best choice for achieving their desired results through highlighting the added value of using premium papers or A & A++ grade papers for digital printing. If dealers can help customers understand that the true value of paper extends beyond price and is increasingly about realising their ultimate business objectives, this in turn will ensure that this avenue remains profitable and sustainable for years to come.”

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