Antalis advises dealers to consider lightweight and eco-friendly paper

Amid a rising appetite for lightweight papers, dealers are being advised to consider Xerox EcoPrint as a cost-effective, quality solution. Recent years have seen cutbacks in spending on office supplies spurring an increase in the sales of lightweight paper; paper is still viewed as a staple of many businesses, with latest figures showing 64% of employees believe that printed documents will remain an integral part of the modern-day office over the next decade.

Antalis is advising savvy dealers to look no further than Xerox EcoPrint, a multi-purpose paper which offers value and reliability. Susana Marambia, head of channel for Office at Antalis, said: “With increasing pressure on firms to perform during a time when budgets are at their tightest, the obvious choice for many offices is to opt for lower grade, lightweight papers.

However, as printing paper still plays a vitally important role in many everyday business functions, lightweight doesn’t necessarily have to mean low quality. In fact, it’s a great opportunity for dealers to educate clients on how, by making clever switches, businesses can reap the benefits of great quality products that are also economical. A great example of this is the Xerox EcoPrint range, which as a standardised alternative on basic runs, presents the ideal lightweight paper solution that’s kind on the bottom line without compromising on quality.”