Antalis urges dealers to properly consider sustainable choices

Antalis is reminding dealers of the opportunity to advocate and upsell sustainable packaging options for their customers, as the impact of waste on the environment continues to hit headlines.

The government has committed to eliminating all avoidable plastic waste by 2043 as part of a wider plan to tackle the 3.7 million tonnes of plastic waste generated each year.

Awareness around eco-packaging has reached a tipping point, with consumers increasingly calling for packaging to be recyclable as well as made of recycled materials. Research shows that over half of consumers would be willing to pay more for recyclable packaging. The result is more pressure on UK businesses to embrace eco-packaging options, and dealers can play a major role in this shift.

Tim Percival, divisional director at Antalis Office, said: “In this age of transparency and an increasingly eco-conscious consumer, it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to do all they can to build a brand identity as an ethical and responsible trader – and their choice of packaging is crucial. The good new is that this offers a great opportunity for dealers in terms of consulting customers on how to improve their packaging credentials without driving up costs.”

He added: “There are lots of different ways dealers can help businesses to easily and effectively improve their packaging. To begin with, for example, it’s worth checking they are only using the amount needed and that they are using the correct size and strength boxes which can help to reduce the amount of protective cushioning needed. Another good tip is to choose products made from similar materials, such as paper and corrugate, which the customer can recycle together.

Of course, this is just a snapshot, and there are lots of different ways dealers can help businesses improve their packaging credentials and, in turn, benefit from a new revenue stream. Plus, the good news is that help is at hand through our expert Antalis Packaging division which is able to provide a wealth of advice and support.”

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