April's digital issue of Dealer Support is now LIVE

The digital version of April 2019’s edition of Dealer Support is now live and ready to read! 
Health and wellbeing is the order of business this month. It’s a topic that’s not going away any time soon – in fact, it continues to increase in importance – and dealers need to be aware of what the workers of the future will be demanding. This is why we’ve partnered up with VOW to bring you another health and wellbeing guide, exploring the topics of organisation, agile working, refreshment, cleanliness and ergonomics, as well as the impact all of these things have on the modern workplace. We hope this inspires you to spread the word of workplace wellbeing to customers, boosting your own business while revitalising theirs.
To go alongside the guide, Office Depot has outlined what UK businesses need to deep clean their offices as a guide for dealers. Then, keeping with the theme of what employees want, this month’s big ask ponders the question: do we have the right product portfolio for the next generation of workers?
Philip Lawson, soon-to-be ex-CEO of the BOSS Federation then says a very fond farewell to the industry as he contemplates his career and the future of BOSS, which will be placed into the excellent hands of Amy Hutchinson as of June. John George of JGBM then explains why he believes dealers should be collaborating more effectively in order to boost sales, before CCS Media and PaperPunch describe the successes they have seen as dealers and their expectations for the future.
Then, we question whether workplace wellbeing is actually working, explore the dangers of counterfeit print consumables and dive into the trends in the world of presentation. Additionally, the Leaders of the Future committee gives an overview of this year’s conference before ExaClair’s Mark Daisley rounds off this issue with the reasons why recycled office products are currently more popular than ever.
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