ATTENTION OFFICE PRODUCT DEALERS! Here’s a new market opportunity – sign up to this webinar to find out more!

Beaverswood has a wide range of products suitable for the office space, warehouse space and public workspace

Now is the ideal time to diversify and bring new products to your customers and break into a new, growing market.

The warehouse is a workplace that continues to get busier every year, and therefore businesses are investing in supplies and products to help make the warehouse safer, tidier, cleaner and more productive.

Register for our live webinar on Wednesday 21st July at 2:30pm (GMT) to explore this exciting opportunity with us, as well as the benefits of our new partnership with FusionPlus Data. Please register for the webinar by clicking here. Hosted by Beaverswood® in partnership with FusionPlus Data.

“Every warehouse has an office; every office dealer can supply a warehouse.” 💡

To find out more about Beaverswood and becoming a reseller of their products, click here.

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