Beating the January workplace blues

Most of us are back at work by now – and getting back into the daily routine can fill some people with dread.
So, what things can employers do to ease the workplace January blues?
Liberty Games surveyed office workers across the country to discover what items or factors would decrease their stress and increase their happiness at work.
Here are some of the findings:

  • Despite having options like alcohol, dogs and beanbags it was healthy snacks (33%), perfect temperature (30%) and cleanliness (26%) that topped the list for UK workers.
  • Workers in Norwich are the biggest dog lovers, with 39% stating that an office dog would be a top choice for decreasing stress at work.
  • As an emerging hub for gaming, Newcastle workers chose office games as their top choice for a happier office and, overall, this was the top choice for men (30%).

The top 10 items/factors to decrease stress and increase happiness at work are:
1. Healthy Snacks and Drinks (33%)
2. Perfect Climate (30%)
3. Cleanliness (26%)
4. Relaxation/Sleep zones (21%)
5. Subsidised Food (21%)
6. A Dog (20%)
7. Office Games (19%)
8. Parking (17%)
9. Plants (17%)
10. Gym (15%)
Read the full infographic here.
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