BIC launches Horizon strategic plan

BIC has unveiled its new ‘Horizon’ strategy, a comprehensive plan aimed at driving growth and ensuring sustainable returns to shareholders

This strategy, which is an extension of the ongoing ‘BIC 2022 – Invent the Future’ transformation plan, is focused on a set of initiatives that build on BIC’s strengths, with an intensified focus on consumer needs and sustainability.

The strategy is grounded in BIC’s new vision of ‘We bring joy and simplicity to everyday life’, and Raison d’Être of ‘creating high quality, safe, affordable, essential products trusted by everyone’.

“The goal of our Horizon plan is not only to amplify the core capabilities that have propelled our company for the last 75 years, but to go beyond them into adjacent segments to ensure our longterm sustainable growth and profitability. My vision is to transform BIC from a manufacturing and distribution-led company into one which is more consumer-centric and fit for purpose, consistently seeking greater efficiency and reduced complexity in everything we do. This strategy will accelerate growth and prioritize sustained Cash Flow generation to ensure sustainable returns to shareholders, and value creation for all stakeholders, for many years to come.” said Gonzalve Bich, CEO of BIC.

To learn more about BIC’s Horizon strategy, download the full press release below. To see highlights from Capital Markets Day, click here.

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