BOSS Business Supplies Charity: 'Help us to give!'

Martin Wilde of Martin Wilde Associates explains the purpose of the BOSS Business Supplies Charity – and how we can all support it
The BOSS Business Supplies Charity – formerly known as the BOSS BenFund – exists to give money away. We give financial support to those who have been in our industry who have fallen on difficult times; in the last year we’ve helped 100 families and made 170 grants. Most of these people got to a place where they needed our help as a result of one or more of three factors:

  • Severe illness
  • Relationship breakdown
  • Redundancy.

Any one of us could be subject to any of these issues, and it really doesn’t take long for anyone in this position to get into serious financial trouble – to find themselves without money, without a family and without somewhere to live. Without a home, it’s harder to get a job – even if your health has recovered.
“Ah, but surely the government can help?” you may ask. Not in all cases, we find, and not for everything. The generosity of the welfare state nowadays isn’t extensive; for example, the maximum universal credit allowance for a single person over 25 is only £317.82 per month; if you have a limited capability for work, that rises to only £328.32 per month. Basic monthly food costs would account for nearly half of that. Then, there are other basics like heating, power, clothing and, of course, rent. If you have already got into debt by the time you receive this allowance, there is no way you can service any of that debt on this income, which means that your debt will increase exponentially.
We need your help to find people in just that situation. In your career in this industry you will have encountered many colleagues who may be in need of help in the future – or even right now. Of course, you can’t keep track of everyone but, if you become aware of a former colleague who is in trouble, contact us, or ask them to contact us, at [email protected].
We can’t give that money away without your help!
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