BOSS COVID-Secure Webinar: 29.06.20 2.30pm – 3.30pm

How to ensure your business is safe and a look at the COVID-Secure Product trends since April and predictions for the coming months.

At BOSS the team of expert H&S advisors have been working hard to support businesses in the OP sector feel confident in bringing employees back to a COVID-Secure environment.
In this webinar you will hear from the HSE experts David Butter and Scott Whyne who will talk attendees through the HSE published guidance, explore the risk assessments you need to be conducting and share their learnings from other industries.
They’ll also highlight a number of innovative solutions they have observed when supply chains work together.
BOSS Head of Health & Safety, Mandy Robson, will demonstrate the simple 8 step road map our team has created to ensure that your businesses COVID-Secure.
And finally Simon Mcloughlin, Buying Director, VOW Europe will be talking through the COVID-Secure product trends he has observed over the last three months and making predictions to what will be trending in the future.
To register for the webinar and to submit a question, please click the link below.
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