BOSS launches the Technology Showcase Conference

The BOSS Federation will be hosting the Technology Showcase Conference on the 29th of November, and it’s free to attend (or £25 + VAT for those not attending the BOSS Awards).

BOSS will be highlighting all that is good about the technology available to our industry. Many of the leading software providers, data providers, e-mail marketing suppliers and other software specialists are putting themselves and their offerings on display to show you what they’ve got.

So, if you are a dealer interested in what choices are available for your software platform, your web store or your communication tools to customers, or if you just want to see what the latest developments are in OffProdTech generally, come along on the day.

Similarly, if you are a manufacturer or vendor and want to see how the data you originate on your products gets displayed throughout the channel and how it can be viewed by the consumer, this is the exhibition to visit. You’ll have the chance to talk directly to the producers of the systems to see what tips and tricks you can learn to enhance your sales. Many of the dealer groups are also expected to be on-hand to talk through their offerings.

There are also three shorts talks covering three key areas of online selling:

  • How to get your web store up and running
  • Before you go live, how can you deploy the best quality data to make your site easy to use for consumers?
  • How can you use analytics to track and improve your offering and grow sales?

These talks will be before the exhibition and the buffet lunch.

Contact [email protected] for more information about the event.

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