Brother: Why genuine ink and toner supplies can keep customers happy – part four

Louise Unsworth, Business Unit Manager at Brother UK, continues to explain how supplying genuine products is essential in fostering great relationships with customers, helping them to enhance security, reduce health risks and avoid unexpected costs.
Data protection is under the spotlight at the moment, with high-profile data breaches making headlines in the last year. This means securing information has become a key pain point for businesses. To fully protect their data, they may need to go beyond cyber-security.
The best test for any printer is to check whether a contract can be tampered with. Cartridges need to meet PIRA standards, which covers the permanence and durability of supplies, ensuring printouts remain intact even after exposure to water, light, handling and storage, which could put data at risk to criminals. To minimise the chance of fraud, those supplies that are PIRA accredited are the ones to look out for.
Smithers PIRA is a worldwide authority on security print and paper technology. They use independently tested methods that replicate tactics used by criminals to evaluate how secure documents are. For the best security and protection possible, toner and ink designed specifically for a piece of hardware is the way to go.
Not all security breaches are intentional though, as non-genuine supplies can leave an overlay of the previous print run as residue on the rollers, which could be inadvertently imprinted onto future documents. This could lead to sensitive data like a payment slip or appraisal, for example, being seen by colleagues. This may seem like an extreme scenario, but just consider how much sensitive data is printed. An organisation may have excellent protocols to keep printed data safe – but non-genuine supplies could be the chink in their armour that they hadn’t even considered.
One of the biggest driving forces behind reseller success is repeat purchases – for this to happen, the end-customer experience needs to be paramount, and supplying genuine consumables is one way to safeguard this.
End users want hardware that underpins their efficiency and productivity, and that continues to perform its duty for a long time. Keeping workers happy with reliable print hardware that’s bolstered through supplying genuine print supplies is one of the best ways resellers can win repeat business and ultimately increase the value of their customer base.
Is it really worth taking the chance of the unpredictability in the results of third party supplies? Genuine supplies, designed by the same engineers that make the hardware, offers the highest quality print in the short-term, as well as maintaining this consistency over the long-term. Not knowing what exact chemicals are in toner and ink is bad for quality of print, as well as the general well-being of employees that will use the hardware or supplies on a daily basis. Avoiding any unforeseen costs, reducing downtime of hardware are priorities for all businesses and genuine supplies are the best way to achieve this.

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