Brother: Why genuine ink and toner supplies can keep customers happy – part three

Louise Unsworth, Business Unit Manager at Brother UK, continues to explain how supplying genuine products is essential in fostering great relationships with customers, helping them to enhance security, reduce health risks and avoid unexpected costs.
The current uncertainties around the UK economy are causing many companies to find ways to maximise efficiencies. Businesses are searching to see where they can reduce costs and remove the likeliness of big, unforeseen payouts. The desire to cut costs is tempting many to consider non-genuine or counterfeit print supplies.
It’s important to consider the end-customer first when recommending decisions around ink and toner suppliers. Our customers want a quality service and products to match. Purchasing your supplies from trusted authorised distributors will give you the confidence that you’re not only buying legitimate supplies, but that they won’t be detrimental to your customer’s hardware in the long term.
Supplying genuine supplies reduces the risk to the end-user’s health and safety. Genuine supplies are manufactured to safely house and dispense ink and toner, preventing leaks and therefore reducing any potentially harmful contact. This often isn’t the case with third-party supplies, which can significantly increase the threat to employee health and safety. Although it presents no immediate danger in day to day use, toner is a toxic chemical that even if inhaled can prove harmful for a person’s well-being.
Print vendors know exactly what chemicals make up their toner, with independent testing showing a clear indication that non-genuine supplies are often produced in poor conditions and with limited quality controls in place. It is often an unknown what it is in third party or counterfeit products, as they can sometimes be mixed with cheaper chemicals that are harmful to handle or inhale, so trying to respond to them in case of hazardous direct contact can be a real problem.

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