Bunzl announces its latest acquisitions

International distributor Bunzl has announced its acquisition of two further UK and US businesses, plus the proposed sale of a company in France.

California-based Revco, which designs, develops, and distributes PPE for redistributors, is one such business being acquired. Also being bought up by Bunzl is Aggora Group, which designs, supplies, installs and maintains commercial catering equipment for end users in the UK. This acquisition was completed earlier this month. Revenue in the year ending December 2017 for Revco is expected to be $37m, with revenue ending March 2017 for Aggora having come in at £27m.

Bunzl also announced last month that if received a binding offer relating to the proposed sale of OPM in France. OPM is a non-core business for Bunzl, and has most recently focused on the distribution and sale of SodaStream products. Revenue in the year ending December 2017 was 57m euros, and completion of the transaction will be subject to the conclusion of a consultation process with OPM’s work council and the subsequent entering into of a sale and purchase agreement. The transaction, therefore, is expected to complete in the first quarter of 2018.

Finally, Bunzl has confirmed that the acquisition of Talge, announced on November 23rd 2017, has been completed.

Frank van Zanten, chief executive of Bunzl, commented on the recent acquisitions:

The acquisition of Revco represents a further development of our safety business in the US with the business in particular complementing and strengthening our existing presence in the welding and industrial supplies market. The purchase of Aggora Group has extended our catering equipment business in the UK.”

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