Canon launches 2018 Young People Programme

Canon Europe is launching this year’s Young People Programme for 2018 at the Global Festival of Action for Sustainable Development with the help of two of its student storytellers, and the UN SDG Action Campaign.

Programme participants will appear alongside Stuart Poore, EMEA director of sustainability and government affairs, Canon Europe, and photojournalist and Canon ambassador Ulla Lohmann, on UN Web TV (on 22 March at 11:10am GMT) to share plans for the year ahead. Mitchell Toomey, global director of the UN SDG Action Campaign (Sustainable Development Goals) will also be there alongside them.

Canon’s Young People Programme is now in its fourth year and seeks to contribute towards the achievement of the SDGs by giving young people a voice via the power of visual storytelling. Canon Europe has been delivering visual storytelling workshops for young people since 2015 and, to date, 14 countries across Europe have run events which reached over 3,000 students.

The Young People Programme is a good example of how Canon Europe is seeking to make meaningful social investments across the EMEA region, demonstrating out commitment to our corporate philosophy of Kyosei: living and working together for the common good,” says Poore. “The Global Festival of Action is a great opportunity to give young people a voice about the need for positive change. We at Canon are incredibly proud to support the Global Festival of Action for Sustainable development, and are very excited to celebrate the inspiring work of our Young People Programme student storytellers during the event.”

Toomey added: “Canon’s commitment with the SDGs through the Young People Programme is a perfect example of many organisations, companies and people truly engaged in creating real solutions to bring the SDGs forward. We cannot do this alone; we need the young people and we need to hear their voices and include them in the action needed to achieve the goals. I feel inspired by the amazing visual stories created by the young people and look forward to finding out what we will create together in the next chapters of this programme.”

Canon will support the UN SDG Action Campaign at the Global Festival of Action which falls on 21 to 23 March. Canon will host various ‘how too’ sessions using its technology to print exhibition photography, promotional photo books, floor graphics and banners.

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