Catalogue 2021 in production at Nemo & Office Club

Dealer groups Nemo and Office Club are currently in production of their first joint catalogue that will be available to members for January 2021

Group head of merchandising, Graeme Hargreaves, confirmed: “After consultation with a number of members we took the decision early-on to continue with our plans for a January publication.

“These are exciting times with it being our first catalogue available to members of both Nemo and Office Club and we are taking that opportunity to create a publication that reflects the changing workplace we will be facing in 2021, whilst still providing members with the vehicle for selling all the regular essentials within the 10,000+ lines listed.

“Throughout 2020 we have been supporting dealers with new requirements as customers adjust to requiring PPE, infection control, remote working products, tech support, social distancing and now items for a safe return to the workplace – We are working closely with all of our vendor partners to ensure these changes are reflected in the 2021 catalogue with new products, categories and a pagination that addresses the changes in demand.

An additional benefit of the 550+ page publication is the unique coding. “The catalogue uses a unique code which gives members that all-important flexibility as to where to source products from, particularly useful during these increasingly turbulent times. It also gives the dealer differentiation and a distinct advantage when it comes to competitors making like-for-like product comparisons,” explains Graeme.

Available with a choice of retail, nett or list pricing, the first joint Nemo and Office Club catalogue provides an expansive shop window for key brands across the groups’ expanding joint membership, whilst giving dealers an impressive tool to demonstrate the breadth of product on offer to customers.

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