Chair envy sweeps the UK

According to Dynamic, chair envy is sweeping the UK. A shift in values away from the ‘swim to the bottom’ desire to buy cheapest has prompted clever purchasers to take a more professional look at seating needs and devote more investment to products that drive comfort, user satisfaction and efficiency. Dealers providing those smarter solutions are finding the love for better product is highly contagious – secure an order for a chair you know delivers user delight and there’s a good chance that others will snap up a chance to mimic the purchase and order one for themselves.

Dynamic offers a sample service for resellers to test out with their own customers in a way that, in Dynamic’s words, shares the joy. The ‘try before you buy’ method of allowing a group of individuals to try the chair worked, and the dealer sold over 47 Onyx posture chairs.

Dynamic’s head of strategy, David Orr, said: “Canny dealers use the power of peer pressure as a force for good. When one person invests in a chair that delivers comfort, efficiency and quality, others want some of the action. It can drive significant increases in order values and more satisfied end-user base.”

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