Commercial continues to wage war on single-use plastics

Commercial has successfully removed yet another element of single use plastic (SUP) from its supply chain, this time by choosing to move away from the standard packaging of its business catalogues.
“I’m absolutely thrilled that we have been able to make this happen,” says Simone Hindmarch, co-founder and MD of Commercial. “This very lightweight shrink-wrap film is one that is rarely recycled, and removing it takes about 4kg of SUP out of the supply chain annually.”
To put that into context, it is equivalent to removing 2,000 polystyrene peanut bags or 5,000 breakfast bar wrappers – or, more dramatically, 262m of film, which is equal to three times the height of Big Ben.
“We are very pleased to announce this development as part of our continuous effort to be SUP-free by 2020,” concludes Hindmarch. “We are spending time understanding how SUP is used in the supply chain, how much we use, and what the benefits are.
“What we don’t want to do is discard it and move to something more harmful, we’re trying to understand the whole cycle. We have already removed SUP from our notebooks and, where it has a sustainable alternative, as with the catalogue wrappers, we will switch out of it.”
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