Commercial gets stuck into Fairtrade Fortnight

Commercial is supporting Fairtrade Fortnight 2018 with a selection of activities that will encourage employees and customers to make more informed, ethical buying choices.

Fairtrade Fornight runs from 26 February to 11 March, and during this time Commercial is inviting customers to take part in the aforementioned challenge to share their experiences in social media and consider switching to Fairtrade for good. Its own employees will receive a Fairtrade chocolate gift, with Billy the Fairtrade Banana set to make a special guest appearance at Cheltenham HQ.

The company has sent sample packs of chocolate, tea, coffee, and drinking chocolate to customers wanting to take place in the Fairtrade Challenge. It also reviewed the staff refreshments on offer at its Cheltenham, London, and Leeds offices and discovered that coffee was the only product which lacked ethical credentials. As such, a trial of five Fairtrade alternatives was offered, so that employees could choose their favourites before a permanent change.

Commercials senior sustainability executive, Andrew McKenzie, believes it is important for businesses to involve employees before introducing more ethical staff refreshments: “Switching to Fairtrade, or other ethical products such as those certified by Rainforest Alliance, is a positive move for any organisation. But it won’t be seen that way by employees if they suddenly find their favourite tea of coffee is no longer available at work.

It’s much better to let people have a choice and help them understand that they can make a difference to make the communities producing the food and drink we consume every day. We’ve tried to make Fairtrade Fortnight a fun experience for staff and customers and I hope that everyone enjoys the products.”

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