Coronavirus – updated guidance

Following further feedback and queries from its members, BOSS is monitoring updates closely and its partner BPIF’s expert HR and legal teams have published an updated document to support members

Job retention scheme – BPIF updated guidance ‘what we know so far’
The chancellor announced on Friday 20 March 2020 the government will cover up to 80% of employee costs under the job retention scheme, if a business has no work for its employees.
However, the mechanics of how the scheme will work has not yet been announced by the HMRC, neither has the online application portal been built.
BOSS has provided this information document for guidance purposes only based upon ‘what we know to date’, and details may change once announced. Members are advised to be cautious not to furlough employees prematurely. BOSS will update its members as quickly as they are able to when the HMRC release confirmed details of the scheme. To view the document, please click the button below.
Guidance for mental health and home working
Across Britain people are making big changes to their work routine and millions of people will be working from home for the first time. This will mean quite an adjustment for lots of people. Working away from the office has implications for workers and managers, and it’s important for employers to ensure that nobody is injured or made ill through their work – and that includes people working from home in a national crisis.
Even in normal times it’s important for peoples’ wellbeing to make sure they are connected to their colleagues and their work if they are not coming into the workplace – at a time of serious anxiety, keeping an eye on your wellbeing and your colleagues’ wellbeing will be really important.
BOSS has added a new search on, for mental health & working from home. Click on the dropdown menu for documents on the latest released information.
As a reminder, please note, it has also set up a dedicated area on its website, to ensure it can keep you up-to-date with the latest information, templates, documents and posters that have been requested, including:

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