Dealer Support LIVE: Answering the big questions

Dealer Support LIVE 2017 had a fantastic response, with 94% of delegates confirming that they would attend again, extremely positive responses for both seminars and the exhibition, and not one negative comment at the Q&A. Based on this feedback – and what former delegates and speakers have told us – we are confident that Dealer Support LIVE 2018 will be bigger and better than ever!

Gary Tremaine, business unit manager at BPR Group, is a fan of our event. Here’s what he had to say about Dealer Support LIVE:

Gary Tremaine, business unit manager, BPR Group

Dealer Support Live is a really useful event to attend, from my perspective. The day puts the dealer front and centre, which is very refreshing, filled with informative seminars and networking opportunities.

I left last year’s event feeling as if I’d not only been listened to, but had my questions and concerns answered by the large variety of speaker sessions. The atmosphere of specifically caring about the dealer also made dealers feel comfortable about coming forward with their queries, which then spurred on new conversations and had me looking inwardly at my own business and practices.

All of us in this industry essentially have a common goal to aspire to, which is why Dealer Support Live has such a great buzz. In an era of increasing uncertainty, the event provides invaluable support and education.”


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