Dealer Support Live 2021 - THE industry event for independent dealers

Using Email Marketing to Drive More Business

James Skellington, head of strategy, Force24

Nearly every marketer uses email marketing, but only a fraction utilise it to achieve maximum ROI on their email campaigns. In this talk I’ll be discussing how you can achieve fantastic results on your campaigns that drive more hot and engaged leads straight through to your sales team. 

You’ll discover our most valuable & actionable insight that you can go away and feed straight into your strategy!

Take home points:

  • Understanding the relationship email marketing plays in your direct communications strategy
  • The key principles of marketing automation
  • Using next-level personalisation to tailor your emails right down to the individual
  • The refinement of creative assets
  • How to nail email deliverability and ensure inbox placement
  • The smartest way to report on your performance

About the speaker:

James Skellington is Head of Strategy at Force24, uncovering and understanding the challenges and complexities facing businesses. Specifically around the personalised customer experience within evolving audiences in competitive market places.

Having previously provided strategic support for digital media agencies at Google, he has seen first-hand how saturated market places have forced marketers to create one-to-one communication threads with customers, taking personalisation and the individual customer experience to the next level in order to succeed.

James is a firm believer that people make technology valuable. Far too often phenomenal martech under-performs in businesses due to a lack of support or access to training. He works daily with Force24 to empower marketers to be more strategic in their day-to-day activity, providing strategic support and hands on training to achieve hyper-personalisation at an individual level.

What are you waiting for?​

Dealer Support Live offers delegates the opportunity to select specific seminar topics relevant to them, ensuring your day is filled with information and learning that will be directly relevant to you and your business’ current requirements.

It’s always difficult to take a day out of the office, but the question is: can you afford to miss out on this event?

What they say​

“This is a great event with excellent, relevant seminars and supported by quality suppliers for the exhibition. I would recommend the day to anyone who wants a great future in this industry. I'm looking forward to next year's event.”
Martin White
Irongate Group
“Dealer Support Live is a really useful event to attend, from my perspective. The day puts the dealer front and centre, which is very refreshing, filled with informative seminars and networking opportunities.”
Gary Tremaine
BPR Group
“Thanks again for such a super-refreshing event – a really good mix of content and really breadth of exhibitor of exhibitors. Always come away feeling there are so many opportunities.”
Marc Pinner
“I had so much great feedback from everyone in the room which made it all worthwhile, and I’m delighted that I’ve been able to contribute something to this great event after attending for the last few years, gleaning information and ideas from the brilliant speakers and bringing back to my office to put into practice.”
Matt Stanley
Coast to Coast
“Really enjoyed Dealer Support Live last week, thank you to you and your team for an informative and valuable day.”
Darren Aston
Aston and James