Dealer Support May 2020

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We’re probably all firmly in the swing of working from home by now. If you’re a dealer, I’m very interested to know how this time has affected your business, so far – have you managed to tap into any new (to you) markets and sectors due to the shift? Were you already caring for home workers and are you now thriving because of that? Or are you struggling to adapt? All of these are understandable, and all of them are valid; we’re here to continue holding your hand and helping you weather this storm for as long as it goes on with another of our topical mini-magazines. Dealer Support Live’s 2019 slogan of ‘adapt, improvise, overcome’ has never been more relevant.
While small businesses and individuals working from home are nothing new, they may not have previously been on the radar for some dealers – but now is the time change that
After the usual overview of the news, in this issue we discuss some of the in-demand items and product segments, and how they can be leveraged by dealers for better sales. Then we discuss print-specific developments for home workers, and we share an in-depth question and answer session with BOSS Chairman and CEO of Office Power, Simon Drakeford.
We dive into some of the historical benefits of flexible working – and why these should be embraced and continued post-lockdown – before exploring some of the trends and sales opportunities which lay within the SOHO (small office/home office) sector. We talk in more detail about what home office needs most on the furniture front, before discussing how to keep motivation levels high when adapting to home working. Rounding off the issue is a Final Word from Sean Starkey who discusses the lessons he’s learned in times of crisis.
Thank you all for sticking with us during this strange time – I can only hope that our expert advice and support is helping you get through this. On a personal note, many of you already know that this is my last issue as editor of Dealer Support – I’d like to extend my thanks for more than two years as part of this wonderful industry. I wish you all the best of luck.
Nell Walker

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