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Sustainability – a word we are all more than familiar with, but is it one we all take seriously enough? Most of us are aware that we must now put words into action when it comes to green-thinking and sustainability as the effects of climate change continue to have global impacts. We all have a role to play in looking after our planet, and this month’s BIG ASK questions the industry on what role it can play in helping consumers make greener choices. Following this theme, we also take a look at the part print plays in sustainability, how to choose the right sustainable products and how to educate the customer on why sustainable products are important.

With hybrid working looking to become standard practice, we wonder whether this will have a positive or negative impact on the industry. Picking up on the positive, Think Business Supplies tell us about how it’s managed to ride the wave (or multiple waves) of the pandemic, and we speak to industry veteran Mike James on why, despite years in the industry, his passion and desire to learn more remains undiminished.

Our LIVE IT section, as usual, aims to bring a smile to your face, not least with another brilliant story from FATHER P. CLIP, where the good Father tells us how he faired in the ‘Stationer of the Year competition’! Cosmos wrap up the issue by telling us about the Weaver programme, and how it helped them achieve sustainability success.

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Ellie Potter 

Acting editor

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