Derwent heads to the small screen

Derwent headed to the small screen to uncover the secrets of its world-renowned factory, thanks to a new series on ITV4

Made in Britain, which aired on Wednesday 25th September at 8pm, followed the British brand’s award-winning Graphic Pencils through the full manufacturing process.
Viewers of the show will be able to see how Derwent pencils are crafted, how the Cumbrian company’s innovative R&D team work and much more in the opening episode of the new series.
Narrated by Ricky Tomlinson, the show explores Britain’s manufacturing heritage and discovers interesting behind-the-scenes details about some of the UK’s largest companies.
Derwent was hand-picked for the show as the only remaining UK pencil factory, its history and international recognition.
You can find out more about Derwent and the Cumbrian manufacturing base by watching last night’s show on
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