Did you know you have access to further support with BOSS’s Specialist Services?

BOSS can answer and provide paid-for support for all the FAQs below. However, its support isn’t just limited to these questions; check out the full list of support services.

FAQ examples

• Can you organise on-site First Aid and Manual Handling Training?

• We have a dispute with a client, please could you provide some advice?

• Could you help us with our data processes?

• How do we manage business processes effectively? Can you provide support to help us achieve ISO 9001, 14001, BRC?

• We have an upcoming tender, do you have anyone who could help us write a tender response?

• Could you provide Occupational Health support for an employee who is returning to work?

• How do we reduce our energy?

• Are we eligible for R&D Tax Credits?

Send your questions and queries by email to specialistservices@bossfederation.co.uk

View the Specialist Services list here.

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