Discover the power of reward schemes at Dealer Support LIVE

Loyalty/reward schemes can say a lot about the kind of business you are and – if correctly chosen and promoted – they can help you increase both customer loyalty and employee performance, as Marc Pinner from Procurement International will demonstrate at Dealer Support LIVE on 9th November.
Retaining existing customers costs less than getting new ones and they can be great advocates for your products and customer service levels. So it’s well worth thinking hard about the best way to reward and retain them, as well as encouraging new players to your table. In this seminar you will find out more about the latest tools that can be used to engage and retain clients and increase loyalty and revenue by utilising the power of reward programmes – for you, your customers,  and their employees.
Take home points:
• Find out about the latest loyalty scheme reward tools
• Learn how to really utilise the power of such schemes
• How to use them to tie-in existing customers
• How to use them to attract new customers
This session is for:
Salespeople looking to take customer loyalty to the next level
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