DURABLE UK teams up with FusionPlus Data

DURABLE is delighted to announce its new partnership with FusionPlus Data which will kick start in February 2021

For the past 100 years, the company has been innovating and adapting quickly to market situations and the digital revolution has been no different. DURABLE understands the importance of providing rich product content to help resellers maximise their online sales potential and this new partnership with FusionPlus Data highlights this.

Through this new relationship, DURABLE UK will now be able to provide optimised and accurate product content which will include product titles, descriptions, images, videos, etc. for over 1000 of their biggest selling products. There will also be regular updates to the content as the DURABLE team constantly look to improve and adapt products to the market situation.

Each year, DURABLE releases a wide range of new products in a variety of categories. This new partnership will allow for products to go to market within a matter of days, to give resellers the latest and best that DURABLE has to offer.

Sam Rylands, marketing manager at DURABLE UK, sees the move as a big step forward for both the company and its customers: “We’re delighted about providing dealers and resellers access to the entire DURABLE catalogue. Our product range spans a wide number of categories and we continually develop new and innovative products that meet the needs of our changing working world. Hosting our enhanced content on the FusionPlus platform, enables our customers to capitalise quickly on workplace trends and access the thousands of market-leading products that DURABLE UK has to offer.”

The optimised DURABLE catalogue will be available and easily activated within all the major OP industry software house platforms in February – for dealers not using those platforms, the enriched product files will be available directly from DURABLE UK.

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