Dynamic teams up with FusionPlus

Dynamic Office Solutions is widening its audience through a new alliance with FusionPlus Data.

The Dynamic file is now available for free via FusionPlus software house partners (Evolution, Prima, Heart, Oasis, ECi, CommerceExchange, Calidore and OP-Connect) or directly from Dynamic Office Solutions.

Head of strategy at Dynamic, David Orr commented:

We have developed a strong relationship with hundreds of dealers who report record sales by using our low-cost model – now is the time to extend our exposure to dealers using these software platforms.

Changing buying patterns means products are being bought more frequently – and that means more high profit orders. We have created a comprehensive enriched product data set with supporting imagery, data sheets and video to make those purchases happen.

Dynamic has taken a significant step in making our product data more easily accessible to dealers which will help them to improve and increase their product offering, particularly online. We plan to continue to enhance our content as we develop our ranges”

Steve Bilton, MD at FusionPlus Data, added:

We are delighted to welcome Dynamic to the FusionPlus family – it’s fantastic to see another signature supplier recognising the importance of, and investing in, high quality product content to help the dealers sell their products. Dynamic’s team have been 100% engaged with the project throughout and this will continue as more products are added to their range, over time.”