EBM Managed Services achieves carbon neutrality for 2019

EBM Managed Services has announced it has achieved carbon neutrality for the second year running

To achieve this, the firm first calculated its emissions for the year, which amounted to 24.43 tonnes of CO2. It then offset this via carbonfootprint.com. This year, the firm decided to support renewable energy programs by investing in a global portfolio of verified projects. This includes hydro power, solar, and wind energy worldwide.
In addition, by continuing their use of renewable energy provider Bulb, EBM has lowered its overall carbon impact by 7.3 tonnes of CO2. Each year EBM review its policies to include more ways in which it can reduce its environmental impact.
MD Mark Bailey said: “At EBM we are very conscious of the environmental impact companies can have. We see it as our responsibility to make sure we reduce this as much as possible. We strive to address this throughout the business, whether this is through offsetting, using renewable energy, or implementing our environmental policy.”
EBM also gives its clients the opportunity to enrol in their green print programme, through which they calculate and offset the CO2 from their business printing in a project of the client’s choice.
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