Embrace eco-conscious shoppers, advises Antalis

Antalis is once again reminding dealers to advocate the benefits of sustainable paper and packaging options, and the advantages it can bring to businesses.

A recent study has revealed sustainability as the top priority for consumers – with 66% admitting they would spend more on a product if it was sustainable.

As such, Antalis is encouraging dealers to recommend eco-friendly paper and packaging alternatives to customers, and promote the role such options can play in helping businesses to boost their green while reducing costs.

Tim Percival, divisional director at Antalis Office, said:

With an increasing public awareness of sustainability this year, consumers and businesses alike are stepping up their social conscience, which is increasingly influencing all their decision – including paper and packaging.

As such, this rising momentum for going green, which will no doubt intensify with the next generation of consumers, represents a fantastic opportunity for dealers to work with customers on offering eco-friendly paper and packaging solutions that don’t have to cost the earth.”

Percival adds: “While terms such as sustainability and eco-friendly may strike fear in some clients, dealers have a job to do in explaining the simple but effective options available to businesses, specifically those with high volume requirements, to achieve their environmental obligations while boosting their income.”

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