Emma proves to be a massive media hit for Fellowes brands

Hot on the heels of an impactful radio campaign for its line of shredders, Fellowes Brands has now caused an even bigger media frenzy this week by revealing Emma – the work colleague of the future – to the world

The life-sized ‘Emma’ model has been created based on conclusions from William Higham’s The Work Colleague of the Future report, in which he worked with Fellowes and a panel of experts in ergonomics, occupational health and wellbeing at work.
Emma visually demonstrates the impact of the current workstation set up and how office workers’ bodies could physically change if healthy working is not incorporated into workstation setups and office designs.
Health experts are warning that Britain’s office workers could be left with hunched backs within 20 years – if radical changes to work environments aren’t made.
The Fellowes commissioned research reveals that more than nine in ten British office workers are suffering from poor health due to their work environment, and as a result, find their job more difficult.
To help employers identify potential health problems lurking in the workplace, Fellowes worked with behavioural futurist, Higham and a panel of experts in ergonomics, occupational health and wellbeing at work, to investigate and research the effects workspace environments are having on office workers’
Based on the report, a life-size model called Emma has been created to illustrate how workstation set ups can lead to office workers physically and visually changing, to cope with the poor office environment.
Higham said: “The Work Colleague of the Future report shows that employers and workers really need to act now and address the problem of poor workplace health.
“Unless we make radical changes to our working lives, such as moving more, addressing our posture at our desks, taking regular walking breaks or considering improving our workstation setup, our offices are going to make us very sick.
“As a result, workers in the future could suffer health problems as bad as those we
thought we’d left behind in the industrial revolution.”
The PR campaign has generated massive media exposure across TV, radio, print and online media; and Emma has even been trending on social media.
The publicity gained is good news for Fellowes resellers in the office products channels, who will no doubt benefit from the surge in interest in healthy workspace products such as sit-stand desk converters, height-adjustable desks, monitor arms, foot and wrist support.
To find out more about Emma and the Work Colleague of the Future report click here
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