Eurostat rebrands as as Euroffice

Eurostat has been rebranded and fully merged with Euroffice, following its acquisition by EO Group in February. Since the decision to rebrand, the team has: migrated the legacy customer data along with buying and pricing data; collected all key customers and set them up on the new online portal; migrated the van routes onto a new distribution model; rebranded and re-networked all offices; built over 10 new tech features to support the integration; integrate and update all employee contracts; consolidate all key supplier relationships; migrated to EO Group’s accounting system, and updated all staff.

After acquiring Eurostat, it quickly became obvious that operating under different trading names was not optimal if we were going to successfully unleash the power of the Eurostat sales team on the very large Euroffice customer base, so the management team took the decision to rebrand before the end of the financial year,” said EO Group CEO Simon Drakeford.

It’s common business thinking that mergers should be completed very quickly to ensure maximum value is retained through the transition. Completing such a huge project in under four weeks proves not only how talented, hard-working and dedicated our team is, but also how efficient, flexible and robust EO Group’s bespoke technology platform is. Following the acquisition and rebrand, EO Group’s revenue and margin remain on target and we are looking forward to exciting times ahead.”

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