Exertis to distribute Mayku products

Exertis has announced a distribution agreement with Mayku, manufacturer of the most affordable and powerful desktop vacuum former. The Mayku FormBox works with any vacuum cleaner and a wide selection of different materials; Exertis will supply the product along with Mayku’s range of consumables with two types of sheets – Form and Cast.

We are delighted to be associated with an exciting new concept that brings a new dynamic to the market, providing a wide range of creative opportunities for home crafters, educational establishments and R&D centres,” said Jamie Brothwell, Exertis print general manager.

Mayku has launched a breakthrough product that provides independent makers with production powers they’ve simply never had before. It provides the perfect accompaniment to 3D printing and has huge potential in the education, consumer and B2B markets.”

Exertis is a perfect partner for Mayku with its broad reach of channel outlets and established customers serving key verticals such as education and consumer. In addition, the Mayku Formbox has real synergy with their print division, specifically in 3D,” said Alex Smilansky, Mayku CEO and co-founder.

We have a big opportunity to grow our market and can provide resellers and retailers with access to an already built community, which is creating and sharing incredible maker content, and a product library where end customers can go to find project ideas and things to make.”

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