GDPR: The implications and opportunity

With security and privacy increasingly on the minds of business leaders all over the UK and Europe, Fujitsu’s collaboration with EASY Software, Otris Privacy and iDocs Solutions has arrived at precisely the right time. EASY and Otris together follow the ‘plan, do, check, act’ cycle which allows users to create the best, most secure data processing solution for them using the following process:

Plan – Identify the problems and the opportunities they might create, develop hypotheses regarding what the problem might be caused by, then decide which one to test.

Do – Test out a potential solution on a small scale and measure the results.

Check – Study the results and whether the difference made is a positive, effective one and decide if the original hypothesis was supported.

Act – Provided the solution was successful, implement it.

Collecting data to develop the best possible solution is the most accurate and efficient way to improve the way businesses manage information, and the document-bundling expertise of iDocs Solutions ensures security through encryption and a full audit trail. With the ability to bundle huge volumes of data iDocs is ideal for both public and private archiving, and acts as the perfect solution for digitising any type of private information, including:

  • Patient records

  • Tax details

  • Medical imagery

  • Court paperwork

  • Legal disclosure

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Coursework or training details

  • Bids and tenders

  • Project commissioning

  • Technical publications

  • Architectural documentation

Dealers looking to approach businesses requiring this kind of solution would benefit from contacting a few key verticals – including banking, education, finance, insurance, legal, local government, social media platforms, healthcare, police, HR, sales and marketing, telecoms, search engines and utilities. The expertise of EASY, Otris, iDocs and Fujitsu – with its trusted hardware options – is set to make GDPR compliance simpler and more manageable for end-users in this sector. Webinars further explaining what EASY Software and iDocs Solutions can offer are available here and here respectively.

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