How to advertise a job vacancy efficiently

When you need to fill a vacancy, there’s no time to waste. Locking down a fast, efficient process not only stops the business from losing revenue and growth, it also gives you a better chance of securing a top candidate

CREDIT: This is an edited version of an article that originally appeared on Robert Half
Perform a team skills audit and establish the longevity of the potential role
The best way to advertise a job vacancy is to start by looking at any skill gaps in your team. Is there room for a new employee? Is the role itself in line with future plans, and will the candidate have room to grow? 
These questions will help you appoint to the right role, search for the right skills and know what you’re looking for in a candidate. If you choose to engage a recruitment agency, they can help you with this initial step by conducting a consultation with you – you may find you need a completely different role from the one you first envisaged!
Gather information from key stakeholders
Gather all key stakeholders to agree which qualifications, technical skills and soft skills are essential, which are ‘nice to have’ and which could be taught or learned later on. Agreeing this before you advertise and interview for the position will help to significantly speed up hiring times and increases your chances of getting your first-choice candidate.
Evaluate your vacancy to decide where to advertise jobs 
Logic dictates that the best place to post job openings is where your ideal candidate might be looking for a new opportunity. Using a generic recruitment site, or job board, might only serve to attract generic candidates. Top talent is more likely to be looking on specialist job sites or discussing opportunities with recruiters that have placed them in the past.
Write your job advert
The quality of your job advert will affect the tenure of the professionals you attract, so it pays to get it right! Nine-out-of-ten new hires leave a job in the first month, with 44% stating that they resigned due to a discrepancy between the advertised job and the role in practice.
You can use your skills gap analysis, and stakeholder meeting, to properly outline the job description before you begin drafting up your job advert. If you’ve chosen to work with a recruitment company, they can use their many years of experience to help you with this. Your final job advert should have the following components:

  • Role title.
  • Base starting salary.
  • Job description.
  • Essential qualifications.
  • Technical skills.
  • Desired experience level.
  • Soft skills.
  • Job benefits.

Submit your job advert
Once you’ve completed all other steps, you’re finally ready to submit your job vacancy to the location of your choosing!
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