Information that sticks: New DURABLE info pockets

How much is the car or property? What are today’s specials? Sometimes, this information can change daily, so presentation solutions must allow for quick and flexible changes, protect the information and also look professional

DURABLE has launched a new range of Info Pockets that meet all of these requirements and are also ideal for curved glass panels. A clever insert aid makes them extremely easy to use. The A4 Info Pockets are available individually or in packs of five from specialist retailers or at

They adhere reliably to glass panels, even curved ones such as windscreens. The Info Pocket is sunlight- and heat-resistant – a major advantage for displays in shop and car windows.

An insert aid at the rear makes it easy to insert, secure and swap out information sheets. By the way, you can find templates to help you design and print out information sheets and notices free of charge at Say goodbye to difficult-to-attach and unattractive adhesive tape solutions: DURABLE Info Pockets enable you to present information professionally in no time.

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