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Fujitsu’s SP Series of scanners helps to provide transparency and accountability at a moment’s notice. Public sector organisations are able to develop a strategic hub for managing all content that flows through their enterprise, simply be deploying a robust scanning solution.

The SP Series (including models SP-1120, SP-1125, SP-1130 and SP-1425) is:

Customers choosing a dedicated document scanner as opposed to a multi-function device are enabling their business to become more efficient and productive, whilst embracing the digital revolution and merging paper-based records with digitally-born files.

Digitalisation creates greater collaboration both between staff and with clients, who are often increasingly demanding faster, better access to their data. Scanned documents can be instantly shared across the cloud or a network and viewed across a variety of platforms such as tablets, phones and notebooks.

Further benefits of a dedicated scanner include:

Improved speed and paper handling. Capture double-sided documents easily, at speed and intuitively. Fujitsu’s scanner range has a high daily throughput and can cope with mixed batches without the need for pre-sorting or adjusting settings. They also come with in-built hardware feeding functions to reduce the risk of double feeds, or intentional double feeds such as attached post-it notes.

Additionally the scanners will automatically crop to the correct size scanned, remove any scan skew, auto rotate and remove blank pages.

Location and efficiency. There have been numerous studies about the wasted time in a typical week that can be spent walking to and from a multi-function device – such as a photocopier – and then the scanning function itself. An MFP is also a shared device, so extra time may be incurred if it is already being used.

Image quality and processing. A scanner can capture the content of a document and not just the image. Rather than creating a JPG, a scanner can produce a searchable PDF, thereby making information instantly retrievable at a later date. Bundled OCR software means documents can be scanned and instantly converted to editable Word, Excel or PowerPoint files.

Receipts and business cards can also be scanned, and information exported to a database or expense monitor system. Features such as automatic colour detection can help ensure that file size is kept to a minimum. Bundled PaperStream Capture software literally cleans up the image and assisted scan can help with choosing the best scan for your workflow.

In summary:

Fujitsu’s SP Series boasts excellent market potential (including into new verticals, such as healthcare and education), easy migration to the fi Series, an attractive technology proposition for customers and partners, reliability and quality of product and service and the intuitive, cost-effective addition of PaperStream Capture Lite with every model.

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