It’s easy to be green for VENT for Change

VENT for Change is proud to announce the launch of its new unashamedly raw recycled range of notebooks

The launch continues the brand’s groundbreaking, innovative and right on trend ranges, mixing stylish design with its sustainable sensibilities.
Using its stationery as a platform to help protect the planet and support children’s education projects worldwide, VENT for Change is the sustainable stationery company with style.
Set up by environmental and social entrepreneur Evan Lewis, VENT is the leading stationery brand putting purpose ahead of profit and setting an example to all.
All items in the VENT range are made from recycled or certified sustainable sources and are designed by Lewis and his team. Alongside the forward-thinking design, the Bristol based entrepreneur boasts his own factory in Worcestershire that manufactures pencils from recycled CD cases and pocket books from reclaimed coffee cup fibres.
In 2016, after some small improvements to his pencil making machinery, Lewis realised it was clear that he was producing more pencils than was required for the promotional merchandise market he served at the time.
The 49-year-old felt he could do something inspirational with the extra capacity his team could now produce: “Pencils are the most iconic educational tool. I wanted to see if we could put our excess pencils to good use and link this to helping children all over the world get the education they desperately deserve.”
In 2017 he started giving them away to charities and volunteers working on school projects worldwide. In the same year, Lewis set up Share a Pencil Day.
The free to participate global education awareness day, encouraging UK school children to learn about the issues facing millions of children worldwide and to discover how education is affected away from the UK. In the last three years, more than 150,000 children have taken part.
The creation of VENT for Change as a stand-alone stationery range came in 2018 with a small selection of notebooks and pencils being sold online, with proceeds from every sale going towards education projects worldwide.
Only a year later, VENT launched into retail just as the public awareness to environmental and social issues really began to take hold.
“I’d been working in the sustainability arena for nearly 20 years when we launched the range last January. I’d seen some interest in environmental issues come and go over the years but finally it seems the public, government and big business has started to take a vested interest. Some may say I was ahead of the curve!”
Since the launch of VENT’s range into retail at the start of the year the reception from retailers has been extraordinary, seeing how a combination of stylish design, sustainability and contributions to good causes makes the range a must have
VENT is not positioned as a functional stationery supplier but a conscientious and purposeful company with a range for discerning consumers.
The company certainly isn’t resting on its laurels in 2020 either, expanding its sustainable stationery range with more UK MADE notebooks at Top Drawer in January 2020 before unveiling more products at the Stationery Show London.
Alongside the product launches, a selection of exciting marketing campaigns are planned that will appeal to consumers, retailers and education establishments alike.
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