Konica Minolta releases its guide to IT success

Konica Minolta has released a new whitepaper entitled ‘Succeeding in the digital era – with Konica Minolta IT services’ which provides specific insights and facts on the current developments and trends within modern IT environments and how businesses of all sizes can optimise their processes. The two focus topics within the whitepaper are enterprise content management and managed IT services:

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) – seamlessly managing complex information processes

In today’s fast-paced business environments, the huge flood of data increasingly overwhelms companies. Conventional information management is reaching its limits. At the same time, the legislative entities build ever-stricter frameworks for the level of security and how data has to be handled. The modern workforce is very mobile and needs access to its data at any given time and from any possible device from wherever they are. Smaller companies and SMEs often struggle in particular to fulfil these requirements, which is why they seek the support of a partner such as Konica Minolta, which is able to deliver ECM solutions which empower their IT and workforce in their processes so they can save time and money.

Managed IT Services – a smart partner to help with the heavy lifting

Companies today – and especially their mobile workforce – become more and more reliant on their underlying IT infrastructure in various ways, no matter their field of business. Furthermore, with data and information becoming the most valuable company assets, the biggest portion of business protection falls onto the field of IT security. Therefore, reliability, flexibility and security of present IT infrastructure are keys for business success. In many cases, however, IT departments do not have the necessary resources to provide and maintain this infrastructure. Konica Minolta is able to offer full service packages on IT infrastructure, which help the companies and their IT departments to focus on their core business processes.

The whitepaper can be downloaded here: https://www.konicaminolta.eu/en/business-solutions/business-services.html

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